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Get your Oats

On Instagram I recently did a post about Porridge. It's famously the traditional Scottish staple for breakfast food.

It comes in many varieties; pinhead, rolled, steel cut, finely ground, as well as flavored and ready made varieties which only require hot water or a microwave.

I was once told that roving Scots would carry a bag of oats with them to aid in the digestion of the old meat that they also consumed whilst on the trails.

Here’s why I always eat some too.

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A Very Okinawan Dojo Experience

I spent over 20 years practicing Shotokan at various Dojo across the UK and Australia, and many were similar in their breakdown of practice. Line-up, bow, warm-up, Kihon, Kumite, Kata, warm-down/stretching or simply sit, meditate and bow to finish.

Having experienced a few different Dojos I'd like to give you my experience of practice in an Okinawan Dojo.

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