Claire's Weightloss Journey


There is no doubt that at present, many of the illnesses that befall us are down to poor diet, lifestyle and the rising cases of obesity.

The abundance of un-whole foods, processed sugary and chemically filled foods designed in a laboratory to enhance flavour whilst not caring about the actual nutritional value.

The nearly endless sedentary lifestyles of those that find it hard just to walk everyday let alone go to the gym.

The psychological barriers placed within people that claim that they just cannot do it.

However, often a major scare comes along which soon brings about positive changes; perhaps it’s the Doctor informing of a Diabetes diagnosis, or that sudden drop in energy was a miniature heart attack which has left permanent arterial scarring, or the damaged joints and tissues that have had to cope under the excess weight for a number of years.

Thankfully for Claire the incentive for change came from the disappointing thought that if she didn’t improve, she would not be able to take her Black Belt grading.

As sad as it was it is much better that it was not too late as are the examples above.

Now even though Claire was disciplined in her attendance at the Dojo, as well as doing other exercises, her diet was not.

This is the case for many Karateka, who are unable to see how their discipline needs to also transfer to their daily life; if they wish to also improve in other areas.

I met Claire down in England as I was taking part in a few Seminars being held for the Shimbukan before I held my own in Glasgow.

I met lots of great people and one evening was sat next to Claire who was telling me why she was only drinking water, and being mindful of what she ate.

We chatted about healthy eating, exercise, and the issues with being overweight, and I was glad to offer help to Claire as she was determined to lose weight, get fitter, and to pass her Black Belt exam the next time.

That was June 2018, and Claire not only managed to drop an impressive amount of weight - 9 ½ Stone - she was also able to finally achieve what her hard work was going towards, by passing her Shodan exam in Belgium this July.

She did not go on a paleo, keto, carnivore, low carb, FODMAPS diet. She simply cut out the junk, managed her protein and carb intake with wholefoods and watched her calorie intake.

She now talks about how much better she feels everyday, how much she is able to manage with her exercise, and how much better her clothes now fit her.

She posted about her experience in the Karate Fit group on Facebook with many of the members giving praise where it's fairly due.

The biggest praise I bestow to Claire is her discipline and determination, where even though at first it was very difficult to give up her favourite fizzy drinks and biscuits, she is now on a mission to help others to achieve what everyone has the potential to have - a healthy lifestyle.

Gambatte Claire!!!