Okinawa Karate Podcast

Josh Simmers talking with Masaharu Higa Sensei

Josh Simmers talking with Masaharu Higa Sensei

I have only just realised that I’ve been doing so much posting on Facebook and Instagram that I neglected to actually sit down and write about the Okinawa Karate Podcast.

So here it is:

Not so long ago last year Josh Simmers had the notion that despite all the blogs and Facebook content being posted about Okinawa, there wasn’t yet a Podcast dedicated to news and info relating to Okinawa and Karate, and actually produced in Okinawa.

Now Josh has been posting regularly via the usual podcast channels, as well as uploading videos of interviews with other behind the scenes snippets in-between.

Check out the latest episode - I don’t mind waiting for you to come back and finish my post.

I want to say how much of an awesome job Josh is doing, for not only the Podcast, but also the exposure he is providing for Okinawan and Gaijin Karateka.

Oh, and he is also a super nice guy with lots of great conversation and stories to share with as well as a dedicated Karateka who takes opportunities to train at seminars as well as regular attendance at his Sensei’s Dojo outside of Naha.

So, if you want some great insight from the regular visitors and the resident Sensei then give the episodes a listen, and let Josh know what you’d like covered, or what you might want him to ask in any upcoming interviews.

Oh, and here is the first Youtube video where non-to-camera-shy me was interviewed whilst in the Karate Kaikan.

I always look forward to listening to each episode and noticing the ever improving quality from Josh’s work.

Just like Karate, it all starts with an idea, and eventually keeps climbing up the mountain.