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5 Methods to Improve your Life and Condition

Your foundation into improving your health, getting strong, flexible and enhancing your karate and your life. Produced from my extensive knowledge learnt through discovery and trial I am saving you the time by telling you what you need and how to start living better. Think of it as the start to levelling up your Karate - advice that when followed will have benefits into yur everyday life as well.


Reduce the time in the gym, reduce reliance on a personal trainer and use this guide to learn and build yourself a personal program to help you get strong.

This isn’t about building bulging biceps, nor is it about someday entering into a national lifting championship - it’s about supporting your Karate through functional strength practices. Get this done right and there will be so much more you can then work on.


Your time in the Dojo is split between Kata, Kihon and Kumite. If you are lucky you get the odd lesson on stretching and developing better mobility in your joints.

However, conditioning is something we should focus a lot more attention on from the beginning of our Karate journey so that we can experience a full range of motion and reduce our chances of injury.

This guide will give you easy to follow mobility, stretching and stamina building exercises that you can use to make your time in the Dojo more focused on actually practicing Karate.