The Most Important Part of a Sensei

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?

They are your taskmaster, drill sergeant, fitness coach, guru, technician and teacher.

They teach you etiquette, prepare you for your grading, coach you through competitions, test you regularly in the Dojo and teach you the skills to train by yourself and to pass on your knowledge to others.

Most importantly, however, they have been trying to do their best before you even thought about taking up a martial art.

They were there learning from their Sensei, reading the books and articles available at the time.

Travelling to gasshuku, to different countries and meeting other martial artists and looking to keep improving themselves.

They dedicated time in their life to run a Dojo, to pass on their knowledge and to push you to do better.

They aren’t perfect, perhaps even a little flawed.

Perhaps some of their techniques aren’t quite right, or less impressive than someone else's.

But they have put in the time so that you can learn to.

They have put in the hours with other students for many years and seen some fail, some struggle and some succeed.

They won’t have all the answers, but they will continue to teach you all that they know and to drill you till you have learnt what they have.

For this time, energy and effort we show our respect to our Sensei for clearing the path of some of the potholes so that we may do the same for the future.

That is what I believe is the most important part of a Sensei.