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Maximum Effort

Are you the type that must break a sweat, get out of breath, slump to the floor and crawl out of class? When your Sensei says "Ten more!" do you muster up every last ounce of muscle fibre to push it out? What about turning up to class sick, tired and injured... feeling drained but grateful for the supplements to get you through?

Well, if you haven't yet follow my advice regarding rest in last weeks blog, perhaps I can give you some thoughts on what I consider to be giving Maximum Effort!!

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Taking Time Off

The tree has been packed away, the cards removed, the tinsel hanging from every doorway no longer catching in my hair. All the rich foodstuffs, cheeses, chocolates and meats have been consumed - well almost - and I am now blowing the dust off my neatly folded Gi. Let's see if I remember any Kata!?!?!

You could say it’s been a while, almost 3 weeks in fact. Where have I been? Taking time off of course.

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