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Classical Mess Master or Fist Fighting Freestyler?

Bruce Lee was a pioneer of his time, but not the first to realise that there is more to learning martial arts than the system that teaches you.

In the latest Biography Bruce Lee: A Life Matthew Polly writes that Bruce was capable of learning and executing a form in mere minutes, and to do so with a very high standard.

He is famous for having practiced Wing Chun, showing himself to be diligent in practicing movements over and over again, and was a stickler for perfection during movie shoots.

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What is Karate Worth?

Money and Karate are supposedly like chalk and cheese. They just don’t work together.

And yet, look closely into the history of Karate and you’ll see that money played a very important role, as it does with everything in life.

Sure, money can’t buy you the passion and dedication needed to become proficient in the art, but it certainly acts as a major source of exchange between student and teacher.

So, what is Karate worth?

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