Ageshio Japan

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Recently I was contacted by a friend who is making the journey to Japan and, becuase of his continued passion and curiosity for Karate, to Okinawa.

He messaged me asking for tips on accomodation and where to train.

And straight away I provided him with the simplest option available to all those unfamiliar with Okinawa.

Ageshio Japan Ltd is a service ready and available for all budding Karateka (or not) to arrive on the island and have the rest taken care of.

They have a range of packages to suit your length of trip and number of people (they do group bookings) and can make getting around the island, experiencing cultural and culinary delights a breeze, and most importantly, to get you in the door of the Dojo of some of the most accomplished Sensei.

I had the pleasure of meeting the owner Kenjiro Ueda (Kenny) as he regularly trains at the Shimbukan Dojo.

And if you had ever followed the competition circuit Kenny has a few accolades from his past.

Personally, I hadn’t needed to use Ageshio as I was whisked around the island by James who co-ran the Okinawan Karate Nerd Program and had sorted out our accomodation and a number of visits to Sensei around the island.

That being said James, who runs the Dojo Bar and the Asato Dojo, is more than ready to offer services such as accomodation and also advice regarding who, what and where to train. You could also just ask any number of the local and travelling customers of the Dojo Bar.

Once you have been on the island, and you have your bearings worked out, your next trip will be a lot easier.

However, this may be your one and only trip (as I know the cost and time to get there) - so if you’d rather just turn up, with your Gi and Obi, let Ageshio Japan take care of the rest so you can focus on learning as much as possible with the time that you have.

Here is an example of whats on offer: (Also see if you can spot me?!?!)

If you haven’t yet subscribed then do so now and get the password for access to my free eBooks - Shu Ha Ri Karate Guide and my Top 20 Tips for Karateka Training in Okinawa.