Ben Eayrs is a Karate and wellness fanatic. He has been following the warrior path ever since stepping into the Dojo at the age of 9.

Despite growing up overweight, with poor eyesight, skin allergies, mild asthma and once the target of bullying he has followed many paths to be in great health with the determination he has today.

He believes that none of us should have to confront the biggest threats to our health before old age and by guiding others to change their habits for the better they can live long, happy and healthy lives.

As a History graduate who has practiced Karate for most of his life he applies his skills and techniques into researching the truth behind Okinawa’s renowned Martial Art.

His research in nutrition, fitness and the Martial Arts with self-tested methods are valuable and effective. Often, he may not have the answer but is game on finding it!!



  • Over 20 Years Shotokan Karate

Trained in 3 continents under highly regarded Sensei with over a 120 years of combined knoweldge

  • Shorin-Ryu Karate and Ryukyu Kobudo

Member of renowned Shimbukan organisation

  • Weightlifting

Taught by Marc Keys of Cast Iron Strength

  • Yoga

Practiced under Yogis in Edinburgh & Melbourne, in both independent and larger organisations

  • Holds Dan Grades from 4 Organisations

G.N.K.A.J.K.A.; A.S.S.K.Shimbukan

  • Attended Seminars from many leading Karateka

Senseis: Iain Abernethy, Patrick McCarthy, Jesse Enkamp, Dirk Heene, Higa Masaharu, Higa Seitoku, Tetsuhiro Hokama, Dave Hazard, Tatsuya Naka, Koichi Nakasone, Kousaku Yokota

  • Over 4 years of research into Diet and Nutrition

Self researched from highly regarded sources available across the web



Ben's practice encompasses ideas from eastern philosophy, drawing inspiration from books on Japanese warrior philosophy (Budo); Taoism; Buddhism; and Confucianism. This is merely one facet Ben has used in developing the mindset to apply to physical training.

Ben's foundation training is in Shotokan Ryu Kase-ha, under Sensei Brian Bothwell of the G.N.K.A in Aberdeen, with a strong emphasis on pushing the limits of the spirit and strengthening the body. At this time he mainly followed one of the precepts of Funakoshi Gichin "Spirit first, technique second"

Whilst living in Australia Ben continued his training in Shotokan under Sensei Edji Zenel of the A.S.S.K. in Melbourne; Victoria, which had a stronger emphasis on maintaining the spirit but with developing his technique and personality within the Katas. It was here Ben studied in depth many of the Kata in Shotokan which grew his thirst for greater understanding.

Whilst in Scotland Ben set out to learn the practical side of his art, attending seminars from some of the leading voices on Bunkai and applications such as Sensei Iain Abernethy and Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.

In Okinawa Ben joined the Shimbukan organisation under Kaicho Hiroshi Akamine, learning the Katas and movements of Shorin-Ryu - the root of Shotokan.

Ben now follows his own path, to learn from many and to apply what he considers to be of benefit. It was in 2017 that he took the opportunity to travel and live in Okinawa, the birthplace of Karate, to change his life from working 9-5 and fitting in training, to now making it a central part of his life.



Kobudo is a new addition to Ben's teaching repertoire that he has pursued whilst living in Okinawa. He had never previously had an interest in weapons training, to him it seemed impractical - requiring extra time and space to practice, and being very illegal to even use for self-defence.

In Okinawa, however, Kobudo is of equal importance to Karate, and he found it adds major benefits to his Karate practice as a whole, and so under Kaicho Hiroshi Akamine, Ben practices the Bo, Sai, Nunchaku, Tonfa, Tinbe-Rochin and Tekko of Ryukyu Kobudo. His journey into Kobudo has only just begun and he finds this new adventure an exciting prospect.